The Grandparent Gift Co.

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The Grandparent Gift Co. was founded as a way to honor all of life’s occasions, including the heartbreaking loss of a pet. A devastating time when the words are often hard to find, their products offer a special way to celebrate life and treasure lasting memories. The Grandparent Gift Co. takes pride in their ability to touch the hearts of their customers, and their one-of-a-kind sentiments are written by the owner herself. She writes from the heart, with the goal to bring people together during both times of happiness and sadness, and her words are intended to pull at the heartstrings and help people smile. The Grandparent Gift Co. knows that pets are an important part of life’s occasions and memories, and few things are more difficult than saying goodbye to these cherished companions. That’s why they offer a way to honor pets, using beautiful words that capture their beautiful memories.