The Mountain

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The Mountain believes there should be nothing boring about T-shirts. Considering them a blank canvas for a powerful and often hilarious statement, this creative and eco-friendly company has been in business for over 30 years. Their mission is to be courageous in their commitment to helping people everywhere project their interests and passions outward for the whole world to see—so naturally they had to offer a selection of T-shirts decked out in cats and dogs. Capturing the whimsical personalities of pets, their shirts are almost as engaging as the real deal, designed by a community of talented artists. And as an eco-pioneer, The Mountain uses only environmentally-friendly inks and dyes on top of 100% natural USA cotton. They’ve been committed to the earth since the beginning, which is something that pet parents of dirt-loving dogs and cats can appreciate. Their goal is to make a difference, and they are proud to also have a long history of giving back and acting locally, in addition to providing the world with their amazing T-shirts.